Firstly, it is important to consider whether you are living on a university campus, or whether you are living in private accommodation. If you are living on the university’s campus, it is the responsibility of the university to address any heating concerns. If you are concerned about your boiler, you should contact your university. If you are in private accommodation, you will need to contact your landlord.

Signing the lease

If you are going to live in private accommodation, you should check out the central heating system in advance to ensure there are not any issues before moving in. This can include asking for evidence of a gas safety check certificate, checking for a sufficient fire and carbon monoxide alarm, and asking for the boiler to be turned on.

Issues living in accommodation

Boilers inevitably become less efficient as they age, and can stop functioning as well. This could occur while you are living in private accommodation, which can be difficult to deal with. If you start to notice any issues or concerns, you should raise them with your landlord. It is your landlord’s responsibility to resolve any issues with your boiler, so they should organise an annual servicing to ensure your boiler is running perfectly. To understand the importance and benefits to getting your boiler serviced annually, please click here.

What to look out for

There are many ways you can identify issues with your boiler, for safety or financial benefits. This includes:
-Soot build-up or a yellow flame: These are indicators of a carbon monoxide leak; make sure you have a carbon monoxide alarm and alert your landlord as soon as possible. To learn more about identifying signs of a carbon monoxide leak, please click here.
-Cold spots on radiators: Having cold spots at the top of your radiator when the central heating system is on is often an indication of air being trapped in your radiators. You should bleed your radiators and see if that improves the issue. We have a guide on how to safely bleed your radiators, which you can read here.
-Noise: If your radiators start to bang, clang or gurgle, then that can be an indication of there not being enough water in the system. You should contact your landlord immediately to get a specialist to check your boiler.

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