Most UK houses have gas combi boilers due to having access to the grids. However, over 3 million houses in the UK do not have access to the gas grids, meaning that they have to be reliant on oil boilers to heat their homes. To learn more about oil boilers, please read our guide to oil combi boilers here.

Why are oil boilers bad for the environment?

Oil is a fossil fuel; a non-renewable source of energy. Fossil fuels have to be burned in order to provide the energy we need. However, they create a lot of unwanted products when burned, including carbon dioxide.

Are oil boilers being phased out?

As the UK government pledges to become carbon neutral by 2050, they have put different rules in place to ensure they can meet their goals. This includes stopping the installation of oil boilers in 2025 for newbuild homes. Currently, there are no plans to ban all oil boilers, but there might be more plans in the future to introduce alternatives.

Are there any alternatives to oil boilers?

Companies such as Worcester Bosch are in the process of creating hydrogen boilers. Hydrogen boilers use a mixture of hydrogen gas and natural gas to heat your home. Burning hydrogen gas only produces water as a waste product, meaning they are more environmentally friendly. Hydrogen boilers have not been released yet, but are looking promising to be released and used as an alternative to oil boilers long-term.

In addition to this, there are renewable sources of energy that can be used as an alternative to oil boilers, including solar power.

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