The Law

Under the Landlord and Tenant Act (1985), the landlord is responsible for repairing and supplying water, gas, sanitation and electricity. A landlord is also responsible for arranging annual gas safety checks with a Gas Safe engineer. They do not necessarily need a boiler cover, but the repairs and maintenance of the boiler is the responsibility of the landlord.

The only exception to the landlord taking responsibility for boiler repairs is if the tenant caused the damage to the boiler. The tenant’s general responsibility is ensuring the general upkeep of the boiler is maintained, and reporting any issues they identify to their landlord.

Can tenants get boilers fixed on their own?

A tenant is not legally responsible for boiler repairs, unless caused by their own doing, therefore tenants should contact their landlords regarding the situation. Tenants should especially not attempt to repair the boiler themselves; not only is this dangerous, this can also cause issues with your boiler, which is your responsibility to amend.

In conclusion, if you are a tenant, your responsibilities are to maintain the boiler and to report any issues with your boiler to your landlord. Your landlord’s responsibilities are to ensure the boiler is annually serviced and repaired. To find out why you should annually service your boiler, please click here.

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