Can My Boiler Be Fitted Outside?

Boilers can be fitted outside by a boiler specialist, providing that the area has enough space and will not need additional pipes. There are boilers created specifically to be outdoor, as these will need to be able to tolerate the weather and reduce the time taken to rust.

Benefits of an External Boiler

There are a variety of reasons someone may consider installing their boiler outside of their house, including:
-No carbon monoxide poisoning risk: When a boiler is poorly installed, this can lead to the boiler leaking carbon monoxide, which can be deadly when exposed to. As the boiler would not be in a tight space or room, this removes the risks of being poisoned. Find out more about oil boilers producing carbon monoxide here.
-Easier access for servicing: As the boiler will be placed outside of the house, it will be easier for the specialist to access it during an annual service.
-More indoor space: Having a boiler outside increases space indoors from places such as your kitchen or your utility room.
-Less noise: This might not be applicable to all boilers, but some can produce a lot of noise with clanging or vibrations.

External Boiler Considerations

Despite the benefits of an external boiler, there are multiple concerns and issues:
-Outdoor maintenance: Despite being in a case, the boiler can be subject to the weather, which can lead to rusting, freezing and overall damage.
-Space: Certain houses may not have enough outdoor wall space to install a boiler on.
-Energy efficiency: Boilers naturally produce heat when burning, which is useful when it is inside of a house. However, if the boiler is outside, the heat is wasted, reducing the energy efficiency.

Examples of External Boilers

There are a variety of boilers that can be installed outside. A few examples include:
-Worcester Bosch Greenstar Heatslave II External boiler
-Grant VortexBlue
When purchasing a boiler, you should research the boiler to check if it can be installed outside. This can be done by checking for key phrases such as “outdoor” or “external”, and checking the manufacturer’s website.

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