Finding a reliable boiler is essential; as boilers are a long-term investment, the brand and model must be reliable to make it worth it. If the company or the model are very unreliable, the likelihood is that the boiler will frequently break down or will stop working after a small period. If you buy a boiler from a respectable brand, you will reduce the chances of having to pay for frequent breakdowns as they will be made with higher quality materials and made to last longer.

If you are unsure if a brand or a product is reliable, you should look at reviews to understand what others think about the service or the product.

Types of boiler

There are multiple types of boilers, which are created differently to meet the different requirements and needs of the user. The main types of boiler are:
-Combi (combination) boiler: Combi boilers do not need a storage tank as they only heat the water you will use, often meaning they are cost-effective and efficient.
-System boiler: System boilers store hot water in a storage tank, but get their water supply directly from the mains.
-Conventional boiler: Conventional boilers use a separate water cylinder to store hot water.
We have explained each type of boiler, and its advantages and disadvantages in further detail here.


Another issue that may arise is the size of your house. Depending on the size of the house and how much water will be used, there might be less of a selection to choose from. A combi boiler is often suited best for smaller properties with one bathroom, or for people who live by themselves or with one other person. System boilers are considered best suited for larger properties with larger water demand.


Every model of boiler has a different efficiency rating, based on how much waste product is produced. Boilers are rated from A – G, with A being the most efficient and G being the least efficient. When purchasing a new boiler, you should consider the efficiency rating it has; not only can a more efficient boiler be cost-effective, it is more environmentally friendly.


Boiler warranties are essential when getting a new boiler; they cover you when your boiler unexpectedly breaks down or malfunctions. This means that the manufacturer can replace your boiler if it breaks during the warranty. It is important to thoroughly read through the terms and conditions for the warranty to ensure you are meeting the requirements set. This often includes getting your boiler serviced annually.

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